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My 2011 hates bumps

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My 2011 has been running great the past few weeks. And I mean really great.


She was running great last Saturday before I cleaned her air filter and put her away for a little nap. I brought her out for a ride today, and found she doesn't like jumps, bumps, whoops, or drops.


She runs great on non-bumpy roads, and I can WOT through all the gears... and she loves every single minute of it. But as soon as I go over a small 1' jump, or drop over the top of a hill, or hit some whoops, she starts choking. In fact, when coming off the top of a steep hill, I think she starts to choke before I land on the downhill.


On one hand it feels electrical, but it mostly seems like she's running out of fuel.


I changed my jetting a few weeks ago, but she ran even better afterwards. The temps are maybe 10 degree cooler today, but nothing drastic. Same elevation.


The other similar thread I found stated the problem occurred on flat roads, but not bumps.


Any pointers in the right direction will be much appreciated. I'm heading back out on the trail to get a better feel for what's happening. I'll be back shortly.




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As mentioned above sounds like a dodgy contact. Have you tried starting your bike and just work your way around the bike wiggling as many wires/contacts/relays you can get to!

i know it sounds a daft thing to do but it will only take a few mins and could be something really simple.

also would your bike have a tip over sensor fitted,if so maybe this is playing up when the bike goes into free fall.

i don’t know massive amounts about bike electrics so sorry if this wasn’t much help.

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I worked my way through all the wires and connections... but no change.

As I was scouring over anything I've touched, I found the choke button was not completely closed. It was bumping against the fuel line, which prevented it from closing completely.

I find it strange that the bike ran well with the choke partially open, and even more strange that bumps and jumps caused it to stumble.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm happy this was such an easy fix... which generally never happens in my world.

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