2009 Super Sherpa anybody have one or info about them?

I would like to know if anybody owns or has info about the 2009 Super Sperpa, how well it handles in dirt, sand and everything else, strong points, shortcomings and if you would recommend it to a friend. I am looking for a putt around bike, I have a WR250F so I have the hang on and twist the throttle covered. Any and all help will be welcomed.

Many years ago I was at the parts counter and the parts guy brought out the parts ordered when we hear from the SHOW ROOM;

Customer - These are nice motorcycles for being Polish motercycels.

Salesman - WHAT?

Customer - Ya these Ka-wall-skis sure are nice!


more for farm use over here than anything else

google some reviews

I gogalated some reviews read all the specs and just wanted to hear from some one that has one or has knowledge of one. Here in Beautiful Golden Valley Arizona 95% or more of the roads are "natural surface" and I'm looking at this to get around on. Keep the wr for blasting through the desert and ride this around the Valley. Just trying to get all the info I can on the subject.


Hi yes, I actually own one, I love it and am actually about to sell mine because I just bought a 2008 Yamaha WR250R! Very Durable and modifiable, naturally great for Short Riders and/or intro to Dual Sport. Huge Fan Base! Mostly KLX250 compatible. I'm 5'4, it was my first bike and first dual sport.

I bought it in Denver and rode it in Green Valley, Utah then moved to Washington where I modified it for primarily  moderate challenge off-road bike. We mounted a wide army green high fender and a large aftermarket tank for further distance. It looks rough and tough but is easy to ride for short or novice riders wanting to have a true dual sport bike. This bike has tackled Idaho’s Discovery Backcountry Route (pics) and rides to monuments in Utah with ease, then across downtown for coffee.

Pros: Great first bike, naturally short but decent travel and decent suspension, very durable, holds 75mph pretty well, fun to modify guilt free, can go nearly anywhere you want it to go (there are stories of taking it all kinds of crazy places), is air cooled, is solid for commuting as well with wide comfy seat, etc. Also: It's different-especially when its been worked on...everybody has the same boring looking bike, lol.

Cons: Some modifications aren't as straightforward and you may have to be creative like fitting a larger aftermarket tank, high fender that fits, setting up for wider pegs, etc. (I have answers for the tank & fender), suspension isn't amazing, and could use some sooping up. Isn't fuel injected. And...many dull men with no imagination and lack of familiarity with its cult following may think it's a "girl's bike".

I love my bike and am sad to get rid of it. It got me in to riding and inspired me to expand my imagination about what a bike can do. It became really fun to work on and inspired  other Sherpa lovers as well.



Thanks, that was what I was looking for. The suspension was what I was most concerned about. Being 6'3" and 180lbs. and finding a new 2016 ttr230 for not much more than the owner wants for the Sherpa, I think I might be talking to the dealer about adopting the Old Unwanted ttr230.

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