Heart rate

I have started using a hr monitor while working out on the trainer.

How are you guys using heart rate to train? What is a good heart rate to try and maintain during workout? 

I know the 180 rule which is 180 minus your age is when the workout switches from endurance to muscle training. To make it easy lets say the number is 155 for a 25 year old, should I shoot to keep my heart rate between 145-150 on the bicycle and work to increase length of workout?

How long shoot I shoot to train in each "zone"? Is it good to try and reach max heart rate (zone 4) each workout at some point? The end? How long should I shoot try to stay in zone 4?


I only wear the monitor when working out. To use resting heart rate, should I take it first thing in the morning when I wake up and use that to judge intensity of workouts? Anything 6bpm above average that morning means I should take it easy that day and do a shorter low intensity workout maybe 30 minutes at 125-130 bpm? 

Really looking to improve fitness this winter after a setback over the summer, I am open to any and all suggestions on workout routine. Currently I am trying to ride my motorcycle minimum 3 days a week weather permitting, and work out on the bicycle for 30 minutes on ride days and 1 hour on off days. 

Thanks! :banana:



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Ignore any of the age based heart-rate calculations. I found my threshold HR, the maximum effort I can sustain for an hour long time trial. Most of my training revolves around that. Lot's of long climbs around here...sometimes do hard intervals, over and under my threshold, or just the fastest steady pace that I can maintain. I don't really put too much thought into it, I just do what my body feels like...if I feel lazy, I'll just go for an easier ride. I just try to keep it fun...if its not fun, I have trouble making it a routine. It's worked so far...my resting HR is in the 48-52 bpm range, down from the 70's about 10 years ago.

Listen to the Coach Robb podcast put out by DMXS. Tons of great info. I have a Garmin forerunner 235 and it auto calculates my heart rate ranges based on resting HR and my Max. Helps take the guess work out of it. As for heart rate ranges for optimum gains I’m still learning about that. I try to hit anerobic/threshold one day and aerobic on my other cardio day. 

My resting HR is average 54 according to my Garmin 

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