wide foot pegs for a 2002 xr200r?

anybody have any suggestions where to get some wide foot pegs for the 2002 xr200r......i just bought some xr400 wide pegs on ebay but i think i need to mod them or the mount on the bike to accomodate.......any help would be appreciated.......wide pegs sounds like a more comfortable ride when leaning back or standing on the bike going through ruff stuff and all?

i looked at list,there are correct pegs,but way down the list,maybe #17,dont remember,but i saw them listed after the post came out!


15 hours ago, joethumper said:

thanks.....all i see is xr250 and up for foot pegs.....will they work for the xr200?

you need to look a bit closer

8 hours ago, S.O.A.N.Z said:

you need to look a bit closer

ok got it......thanks.......yup number 17 on the list it was

So I am in my garage right now looking at my xr200 and my sons xr100. And what #17 is listing says they fit both bikes.  And I can tell you for a fact they will not. 

Pics may not do it justice but those pegs will not swap. I would call the vendor and double check. It’s no secret that replacement pegs for the 200 aren’t easy to come by. About the only option most people use are to weld on some adapters to make them wider. Not saying there aren’t any out there, but if it was as easy as finding a set of XR100 pegs we all would have done this by now




1999 KTM 250 footpegs fit with not too much filing

3 hours ago, bimbamboom said:

1999 KTM 250 footpegs fit with not too much filing

Now this could be promising. What’s the minor mod. Widening the opening on the peg, narrow the mount point, or shimming with some washers.

On 11/13/2017 at 9:03 AM, bimbamboom said:

Not sure if they fit the newer XR’s but they fit ‘81-‘83 without much modifications.
KTM footpegs on XR200R


that looks promising.......i bought the xr400 wide pegs on ebay for cheap and they fit but sag down......im going to put some of that metal putty to sure up the pegs to the right height.....i also have to buy a bolt to bolt them on to the stem which is ok with me......ill make sure the bolt is one of those hardened ones that are goldish in color......still way cheaper than 100 bucks for the correct ones i say......and if the metal putty idea fails ill just fab a piece of metal and weld it to the original peg and make it the way i really want it......to me its worth all the hassle cuz stock pegs hurt and make me feel in less control......

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