this should be yzf anonymous

Mike Nyqueist, check your pm. I may have a solution for you as I know another who has identical symptoms.

. "Good luck at the dealer just be nice to him...I have the same problem I have a wicked evil temper too. People are way more helpful when I don't rip their heads off. It has taken years to relize that. I am sure he will be willing to help. He doesn't want to loose a future customer."





Trust ME.......I work for a major airline and I can tell you one thing for sure!

Screwing with me

Lying to me

Pissing and Moaning to me

Trying to BS me

Being an AHOLE to me

Trying to intimidate me

None of these work AT ALL!

If someone tries these tactics with me.......I WILL screw with you!

Whether it is charge you for something that I could have OVERLOOKED ....(excess baggage/overwt bags/etc) If you are nice it WILLL get you a LOT further with me than trying to threaten me (directly or indirectly) If you want to call my boss because I am being strict about the rules........I will guanatee he will stand behind me %100 if you act or i tell him you are a jackass.

I guess my point is dont try the tough guy attitude.

I used to try this thinking I was macho and they would respect me. That is .......until I started workin with the public and saw my reaction to these DIp schmidt tough guys!


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Mike I live in Clackmas as well (Eagle Creek) I bought my 426 from Action and the bike came Jetted correctly. I got my 250F from Power and it also came jetted right. I haven't had trouble starting either bike so you could have a problem but ranting wont get you anywhere. I've cracked 2 tanks and Action replaced both no charge so give them a chance to take a look at the bike. Maybe we could get together at Albany SX this weekend and I could take a look at your starting routine or I might be able to give a few tips. First forget about anything you know about 2 smokes, it doesn't apply as far as fouled plugs, my place is a grave yard of fouled plugs from years of 2 smokes. My 426 had the same plug for 14 monthes, I'm starting my 7th month on the same plug with the 250F. If you can't make Albany, Washougal has a practice day next Wed. starts at 11:00 - 7:00

My bet is still a bad can of fuel.

Maybe his bike just doesn't like him.

Thanks for the info oldNbold.

I would meet up with you old timer but my bike is in Action Motorsports shop right now. If I put a new plug in my bike I can start it on the first or second kick, its when I ride it for an hour, put it in the garage, and come back the next day, the plug is shot. I know enough about bikes to know that something terribly wrong is happening.

I'll let you guys know what ACtion Motorsports says.

One more thing, I don't have a bad temper, I could sit in a restauraunt and the waiter could spill hot coffee all over me and I would still leave a tip, you could rear end my truck and I wouldn't care much, but when I buy A new bike that fouls plugs like this thing dose, it's rediculis. All I can do is hope they find something at Action MS.

oh yah, the first plug was fouled with the gas the dealer put in the bike. The fallowing plugs where fouled with pump super unleaded. Chances are that I didn't get two batches of bad gas.

Originally posted by Mike Nyquist:


ruvved the motor and hit the kill switch and shut it off.

Why are you doing this?

If I read it correctly, you rev up the engine then hit the kill switch till the engine dies? 426's have pumper carbs, "every time" you twist the throttle running or not you send fuel to the cylinder. When you rev up the engine and hit the kill switch all you are doing is killing the spark and at the same time flooding the cylinder with raw unburned fuel. When doing this your just wetting down the cylinder, piston & sparkplug with fuel and that fuel will lay there till the next time you go to start the engine. When you go to start the engine your pumping in more fuel along with the fuel thats already sitting there.

In the old days that was a comman thing to prime the motor that way but with the new carbs thats the wrong thing to do, your not priming your flooding.

Are your plugs black with soot, or are they wet fouled?

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Ever heard of the phenomenon - Karma ?

MxOldTimer, has an excellent point. Also you may want to consider float height and I always (at the end of the day) ride my bike onto the trailer or into the shop, shut the fuel off and let the motor idle until the bike runs out of fuel.

My 14 year old 120 son can start my 400, no problem. If the bike is operating properly, this should be the case.


Bill, when you shut your bike off and let it run out of fuel by idling, doesn't this create a lean condition and possibly subsequent engine damage? I am probably way off base here but with my old 2-strokes I was told never to let it run out of gas for fear of a lean seizure. :)

A lean siezure isnt really an issue unless a load is applied. Running across the desert wide open in fifth and then running out of gas, ya thats a lean siezure waiting to happen. Kenny Roberts Jr. knows about lean siezures too. He got tossed on his head at 190 during a test a couple years back.

Originally posted by yznvegas:

I am probably way off base here but with my old 2-strokes I was told never to let it run out of gas for fear of a lean seizure. :)

2 Smokes need oil in the gas to lube the crank & cylinder. So what you were told was correct, when running out of gas you also start running hotter (more air less fuel) plus running out of lube causing a dry cylinder.

If the thing will run for half an hour then foul the plug, it HAS


If the thing will run for half an hour and THEN foul the plug, it almost HAS to be the float level. Have you tried riding the thing for the half hour or so and then pull the plug to see what its like? If it looks fine after running it, and then it gas fouls while sitting, the only way it can get fuel is, either the float level is too high or the float valve isnt sealing up properly. I wish you all the luck in the world with this, I cant even imagine how pissed off Id be with a brand new bike if it acted like yours.

Ya know after I re-read all the posts, there are some good repsonces and bad..

Mike, People are trying to help, Man get off the mountain and relax

4.26 Man that was not Nice at all dude

:D Did that come from me

Sounds to me like ya just are pissed off at the yamiha and noithing we say or do here will sway you.

Just sell the beast and buy a cannondale,, or bettre yet a ktm Then come back and bellie ach :)

i forget where the spark plug is on my bike,,,, do they actually have spark plugs?

i thought it was a bit like a diesel motor,

i guess i should take my plug out and have a look sometime,,,,, but to be honest i cant see the point ,,, the bike is nearly 4 years old , starts first time hot or cold and never misses a beat

u sure u dont work in the Honda marketing department? :)


common we all know that the british Air there is so clean......

Your goffin us huh


Just to fill some of you in, my bike had the exact same trouble he is having and the dealer found to have a faulty electrical system from the factory. it wasnt the float level , or the blue wire, or the BK mod , etc... some of the bike's might be that way but it didnt help mine any way shape or form until the dealer had it for a week, and now the bike runs and starts better than it has ever before. My friends i ride with new the trouble i was going through chasing my tail around on the carb and getting nowhere. when all along it was a electrical problem. anyways maybe he has the same thing wrong my as my bike did its only 2 monthes old. later

Who ever tried to blame my plugs fouling because I ruvved the motor before hitting the kill switch,come on, I didn't pin the motor and simotaneously push the kill switch. I just ruvved the motor, leter the rpms come back down to a idle for a second, then shut the bike off. I'm telling you, it's not me, it's the bike. I am not the first person to have a 2002 foul plugs like crazy.

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