this should be yzf anonymous

Bill, I am glad that your 14 year old can start your 400, the thing is bill you can't start a bike when the plug is fouled. When I have a new plug in my bike I can start it on the first or second kick, then after i ride it for an hour, park it, the plug is fouled.


I agree thats bogus

Look for the Bluewire Mod, this is supposed to fix this.. Motoman393 has a web site

Look under tech articles and yz stat easier

Go chk it out and look at the blue wire mod. Its stated that the mod is a Yamaha in the know fix from the Factory Ahhh who knows.......

But some swear by it

Gad you bunch of Arm Chair Quarterbacks

I just went through some of these replys

Man I am surprized no one offered to do an exorcists or ask a vodoo preast to sprinkle chiken blood.

Man this place can just go aver board sometimes

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Yo Mike:

#1. I love my 426

#2. Maybe you should buy a honda(teehee)But you will still foul plugs, if it's not jetted right.

#3. Even a $6000 bike needs to be jetted for altitude.

#4. You are obviously VERY inexperienced, maybe a nice little 125 would suit you better.

#5. You need to calm down, go take a bong rip or something!

#6. You sound like a jack-asz

#7. and finally...haha my bike starts on the first kick every time, second kick after a crash. I can even start the thing in flip flops, it's sooo easy.

P.S. Maybe you should look into buying a Quad with electric start. HARDEE HAR HAR

I have already done the blue wire mod, it didn't work.

Look you pot smokin hippy,

I have started my bike in flip flops, I hate 4 wheelers, no other 2002 426 around here has had to be jetted so why should mine have to be.


I'm curious if you got your bike fixed or not. I called the Service Manager and told him your bike would be back for repairs. Hope it's taken care of.


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