Hot Camshafts Auto Deco Cam

Ok I finally bit the bullet and ordered a Hot Cams Auto Deco cam for my 01WR426. I also ordered a compression release plug from the Thumper Talk store.

I'll keep all that are interested in my results posted.

yes please do let me know as i have bought one but not fitted it yet


Dropped the bike off at the shop yesterday should be able to report on it later this week.

Pls let us know.


..........Waiting patiently..........


Who did you get the camshaft through ? I have been thinking of putting one in my bike but I can't seem to find a site that sells them. :)

Ok I picked up the bike from the shop today. I will be giving it a test ride tomorrow!

Geez, nothing like keeping us waiting a whole week here! :)

Truth is, I think there are a lot of us VERY interested in your opinions of this cam. Thanks for taking the time to tell us about it! :D

In another week you'll have another report to follow his.

Two and a half weeks ago I lost the ignition sight plug dumping all the oil out in a race. The intake cam and one of its journal took a beating, the head is being repaired and both Hotcams' intake and auto decomp exhaust are on order. By this time next week the bike should be back together. :)

Ok, Ok, enough.

I have a report.

Here it goes.

First off the bars seem a little weird not having the deco lever.

Second when the bike is cold it's kind of nice to have a deco just to turn the motor over a few times before you kick it.

Third. When the bike is somewhat warm it starts on the first kick every single time. It's very cool not to have to got thru finding TDC and moving the pistion just past it then kicking it. You know the routine.

I was worried how it would start after a crash or a drop. Believe me it's no problem. She just fires right up.

Another cool thing is bump starting is much easier. Say you decide to stop at the top of a hill. Then decide to bump start the bike on the way down. Before the cam I used to have to grab the clutch, and the deco then dump the clutch with the deco still pulled. Then the bike would start and I would release the deco lever. All that with one hand!

Well all that is gone. I just grab the clutch roll down the hill and release the clutch and she fires.

I was one kick starting all day. No routine just kick and go. It takes a firm kick but it started everytime.

The cam also seemed to give me more power in the midrange. Not tons more but just a little boost. I was riding in the forest so I really couldn't test the top end power.

Overall I would rate the Hot Camshafts as a good mod. I think as time passes it will be a great mod. I did fall on a climb or two today and found myself in a awkward position. It was great not having to go thru the deco routine to get started again. Just a firm kick and I was started.

Once I get more time to test the top end power I'll post my results. I think they are going to be good.

Here is a link to my first ride without a deco lever pics. Enjoy. Forest fun!

Did you replace only the exhaust cam? What was the part number of the cam you used? I had received a reply from hot cams a while back when I inquired about changing just the exhaust cam. They stated that normally they recommend replacing both cams as a set but that just replacing the exhaust cam should work but would not yield the performance gain of the set. I'm not really looking for performance as much as the convenience of the auto-decomp.

I just replaced the exhaust cam. I'll get back to you with the part #.

ive done mine no and its cool the part no from hotcams is 4035-1E. buy one now

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