XR250R dies when leaned to side on kickstand

I’ve got a super low hour 1986 XR250R that runs great until I put the kickstand down and lean the bike over. When I do this, it sputters and dies out. There is no safety switch built into the kickstand. I’m guessing either electrical or fuel. Anybody have any idea where I should start in my hunt down if this problem?

thanks in advance...

sounds like it could be dirty carb/s  or float height maybe.  lean it over and check for spark just to eliminate it as a cause. but it really sounds like a carb problem to me.   after it stalls on the side stand does it act like its rich on re start or lean like its out of fuel?

Are you turning the bars to one side or the other when setting it on the kick stand? Make sure when turning the bars, they aren't pulling on the manual decomp cable and activating the right exhaust valve and killing it. Turn the bars side to side fully, with the bike upright and running to be sure its not just happening when put on the kickstand.

With the bike upright and running, bars centered, slowly lay the bike over to the left and then to the right, see if it dies leaning it to both sides.

Also check for electrical wires being pulled on for the kill switch, stuff like that. 

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I never thought about that. That’s a very valid point. Plus, I just put a set of risers on it and that may exaggerate the tightness on the decompression cable. I’ll check it out.

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