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exhaust XR's Only full exhaust opinions??

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Hi Guys

I was on XR's Only website last night, and see that they have updated the looks of the muffler for their exhaust system.

Looks much better than the old one. 



So I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with their full system?

It will be for a 440 setup.

They say the header is larger, but also say the muffler can connect to stock headers??

Sooooo, Power?....Quality?...Noisy or not?

Thanks :)


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I used the old one by recommendation. I was not disappointed. Ont he XR250R with a TM34 flatslide, stock header, and an XR400 airboot it screamed. Loudest bike at the races and a fast little woods bike.

On the XR440 with XR's only header and HRC CAM, XR500 filter, TM40 carb, it will stay with a CR250. It not that loud either. That said I don't ride on the highway with this muffler.

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