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Which replacement handlebar mounts?

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Soooo, I crashed my brandy new 450SX-F on the second lap of my second ride day.  At 1.4 hours to be exact.  For those of you that don't want to read my crash story, I wrote the question again down below.  Feel free to skip all of this.  However, I figured the majority loves a good crash story, especially when it isn't them telling it.

I was at Lake Elsinore and they had sharpened up all the jumps on the Intermediate track.  The last two times I was there I thought the track was cool, but it did need some work.  Anyhoo, I did one lap just checking things out.  I had noticed that they had changed the take off of one of the jumps that I usually do that most seem to avoid, but it's a blind jump so you really can't see just how much they changed it, until of course you hit it.  So I did.  The jump popped me WAYYY up in the air, so much so that my usual speed for clearing it wasn't even gonna come close.  It was a Tabletop so I was nose down preparing for what I remember.  I gassed it, trying to drop the rear and prepare for a hard landing.  When the rear wheel hit, I must have whiskey-throttled it and the bike shot out from underneath me.  I was launching off the backside of the Table with my chest on the seat and the throttle damn near wide open.  Good times.

Sensing the pending danger and rerunning all of those "new rider" videos on YouTube in my head, I decided that letting go was the best course of action.  However I did so in mid air.  I fell to the ground, tumbled a bit and could barely see my pretty new bike bouncing off of the dirt ahead of me.  I got up.  Picked the bike up.  Began wheeling it the side when I noticed through all of the mud (freshly watered track) that my handlebars were bent.  I went back to the truck.

I took the bridge part of the bar mount off and it was tweeked. yada, yada, yada, I cut the bridge part with a cutting wheel, remounted the bars loosely, twisted them back into the straight ahead position, and tightened everything back up.  I was able to finish riding the rest of the day.  With my ripped gear, sore neck, and bruised arm.....

I need new handlebar mounts.  What is everybody using and /or recommendations.  I don't want to do this again.


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I use BRP with aluminum cones. They are a 2 piece bottom with 1 piece top. They are beefy and I’ve never had an issue with tweaking anything in the area anymore. The stock mounts could barely handle my breathe against the bars.


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