2015 350 sxf l/h engine case repair

Normally frequent the yz 2t forum section but have a job to do on my brother's 350 4t. 

He hasn't had the bike long but asked me to do an oil change. To my horror I found that the drain plug was an M14 bolt that had been cut down, head turned in a lathe and a small nut welded on , and covered in blue loctite. Funnily enough (not) the oil screen was full of alu particles. Grrr! 

No meat left in the engine case to retap so I'm gonna need a skilled welder to sort it.

I've removed the engine, but before I strip it down per the manual, can I leave the clutch etc on the r/h engine case as I only need to remove the l/h case half at the moment to try and get a repair done.

Yep I know I will have to strip it all at some point to check for wear but need to get the l/h case away ASAP for repair.


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They have helicoil replacement incerts just for bikes check the local ktm shop they should have them. A friend just did one on his 15 350

Cheers Kathlean, but the bodger who butchered the job has already bored the hole oversize, so it's too large for the correct helicoil insert. The case needs welding.  I managed to split the cases by just disassembling the left side of the bottom end (flywheel, oil pump, starter etc) and will check the clutch side while the case is at the welders. 

Damn. I can't stand when people do shit like this.

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