oil for 2012 crf450r

hi guys, my bike has separate oil for the transmission and for the engine. Can i stick JASO MA2 inside the engine and Transmission? If not what oil specifications should i put in my transmission and my engine? Does putting JASO MA2 in the engine and the transmission ruin the bike?  Also, are the castrol products any good? I am talking about their oil (castrol activ 4T) , their chain lubricant spray and the air filter oil spray. Thanks!

MA type oils are fine both sides. Not sure what's different between MA and MA2 but I'd assume theyre cross compatible.

Just DO NOT put MB type oil in the trans.

It's all good stuff man I have run Honda hp4 in both, hp4m in engine (never put in trans!!!), Shell rotella in both, Castrol 4t oil and some Lucas 4t oil, my dad exclusively runs your typical Castrol automotive oil you get by the jug in his bikes and all my former bikes' transmissions (I'm a 2stroke to crf convert) 

Someone has tried probably every type of oil available by now and I don't ever hear I changed oil and my bike blew up so you're probably set with any JASO MA. Just change it often. 

JASOMB in engine side such as Honda HP4M will reduce wear and friction as well so if you aren't buying it by the gallon jug maybe get an MA and a MB type oil. 


Can't help on the other Castrol products but I use Maxima chain wax spray and No Toil air filter oil and cleaner. Both have worked great for me. 

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theres not much of a difference between MA and MA2, i think MA2 is for bikes with catalytic converter or something which helps release less pollution. Thanks for the reply.

MA2 just has a higher friction coefficient than MA (higher friction is better for the clutch). There's no difference between MA and MA2 with regard to catalytic converter compatibility.

Both MA and MA2 are fine in the engine and the transmission. An MA2 oil should reduce slippage compared to an MA oil.

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