Ktm 2018 125/150/250/300 reed life ?

I have put a deposit on a 18 SX 125 and have heard a few stories about the STD reeds ,I'm not wanting an argument over if they are good or bad just factual info on the 18s, have they altered anything from the 17 as some were an issue ? And have many had failures as in the reeds giving up completely ? I did a search and nothing much came up

The reed petals have been the same part since 2014. We've had to replace them on our 2016 race 125 after 30 hours or so. One chipped quite badly. We do 125 mx racing in the UK and lost of riders have fitted V Force 4 R reed blocks, which is what we are going to do for new season. Bob.

Do you happen to know reed life in the v force ? I had some many years ago on a 01 Cr 125, on the low tension setting they lasted 12 hours

I have a 2012 150xc. Inspected original V-Force 3 reeds at 220 hours and they looked fine. When held up to a light, there were slight gaps along the side edges of some of the reeds. Measured with plastic feeler gages, no side gaps were over .005". I talked to Moto Tassinari about this and they said this was acceptable. Put them back in as is, for hopefully another 220 hrs. Note that the bike is mostly single-tracked and doesn't constantly see high rpm.

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No I don't know the life of the reeds and I don't know enough about them to give any reasoned opinion. I do know when we ran the V Force 3s we never had to renew them. They rattle back and forward at 180 times a second at full tilt, bit less than the piston goes up and down, so I suppose they do well. Still going for the V Force 4s though. Bob.

Thanks Bob

I took my stock reeds out at 37 hours. They looked fine. I replaced them with Vforce 4. The bike seems to have a better throttle response. I ride a 150sx. I am not a racer. I have talked to other KTM riders while on trails and have heard some horror stories about stock reeds. Thank you 

That is the feedback I have been getting from the guys using the 4s.

I'm a boyesen fan, rad valve is the one you want I believe. Last forever.

^^^problem there is they don't appear to be available for late model KTMs 16+

Thought I had seen them ?

If ya did, please post a source, link, whatever... I couldn't find squat on their website.

Just went on the site and on the 2nd, they posted on the home page a rad valve for 250/300... figures as I went VF4 a month or so back...

I replaced my reeds on my 17 250 sx before I even rode it. When I pulled them, they had pretty good size gaps on them. Made the bike run crazy bad at low rpm. Since I was going to toss it, started to bend the reed petals some. Some flexed really far, farther than it operates at, the others, well... I gave it a little pressure and it broke off. Glad it didn't fly into my engine. First thing I would do is pull the reeds, inspect them, no gaps or very small gaps you should be fine. However the V-Force reeds give good roll on and make the bike rev up better and cleaner. Along with a opened up air box, jetting is much easier. 


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