What bike is this?

Hey guys,

I aquired a mystery bike. Need help identifying it because it'll need new parts. Compression seems low. It runs for a few cycles then shuts off. Can't seem to get it to run consistebtly and I been screwing with the carb screws.  Kick start is pretty easy to kick over also.

The engine says 86ml. I suspect it's a Chinese pos. Check out the pics.  





how about a picture of the bike??

Have you found the VIN? Think it may be on the steering neck on the frame. Mine is there where the tripple tree mounts to the frame on the right side (throttle grip side). If you can find it, you should beable to Google the vin.

10 minutes ago, DEMI said:

how about a picture of the bike??

Looks like the engine was welded in after. I Didn't take a picture of the entire unfortunately. 

I'll head back out next week. 


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My first response disappeared .
Any way would a Chinese clone have a Japanese carb?

Yes I thought about that too.

The carb is made in Japan. No idea. Closer pic of the carb attached. 

Also on the paperwork I found a engine number. Engine No. 03053258

Still no clue what it is. It has an auto clutch. 4 speed I think. IMG_20171105_095747.thumb.jpg.375713f9cd50d0db5a4fd3012589cf2b.jpg

VIN is the key, lol. I found the carb online and it did say that they are on Chinese bikes, go carts and ATV's. 

11 minutes ago, motoriot1 said:

VIN is the key, lol. I found the carb online and it did say that they are on Chinese bikes, go carts and ATV's. 

Haha thanks,

Will report back with vin soon. 

As plated below the handlebar:

Engine No: 03053258

Vehicle No: 033258

Date: 2003 Q3  

Unfortunately, no picture because my damn phone died. I don't think the engine is original judging by some nasty welds.

I have googled the above with no luck which makes me think this is a Chinese bike with Japanese carb?

Wtf it's a honda 90 and the intake valve is tight because they ran the shit out of it and spraybombed it black. Take the left side cover off of the flywheel and put it on top dead center. Then unscrew that top valve cover and set the lash at .002 in. Also it needs a good 6 volt battery connected to it to run.


Looks like a Honda there are about a billion of them on the road you can do a full engine rebuild for next to the price of a coffee (ok maybe $25) there are lots of big bore kits for them as well. Popular race bikes in some locals. Look up Postie bike challenge.

How do you guys know it's a Honda? What website tells you that? I couldn't find that info anywhere. 

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stupid post
8 minutes ago, Matt1234 said:

How do you guys know it's a Honda? What website tells you that? I couldn't find that info anywhere. 

Its an eyeball thing no web site involved. Once you have seen the first ten thousand of then you get to recognize them.

Is the correct model Honda crf90? 

I'm gonna need to find a full set of schemtics tolerances and torque specs for the engine. Anyone know where I can get this stuff?


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Damn, sorry I'm older than I think. Honda Ct 90. The rest of the world uses them for daily transportation I think. Probably the most common motorcycle in the world. Try beatrice cycle or dratv.com ? You can build a complete new bike there. A lot of crusty old riders started their addiction on 90's. 

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Hmmm that doesn't sound right. The bike is from 2003 by the looks of the identification plate. It looks like a small pit bike say an xr 100. The ct90 looks way older. 

I'll post up a picture tomorrow hopefully. The bikes been spray painted to hell. If it's not a Honda I'm going to get rid of it. 

They made an SL90 also. It had the horizontal cylinder but I think it had a manual clutch. 

If it looks like the one in the attached photo it will be either a CRF90 or more likely a Chinese knock off.

The one in the photo was a 90cc auto clutch with 4 speed that was all up and went from 4th back to neutral then 1st again.

Kick and electric start, heaps of low down torque but ran out of breath real quick.

Most of the Chinese engines are the same, just need to get parts for a 90cc.

First Time@Warrnambool 007.JPG

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