Factory Service Manual?

I thought Yamaha was good about distributing FSM's. Guess not. Tried to find it this morning for a new TTR225 I bought, couldn't find one on the internet w/o having to pay $20-$40 for a dubious xerox copy. I found one on tjsconcepts, but it's not a FSM, it's more like a small collection of unrelated pictures. (in other words, lame).

More to the point, I'm trying to figure out what is the correct procedure to get the carb out. Tiny space, short throw intake port, short throw connection to airbox. Wondering if I have to back off the entire airbox FIRST then take the carb out?

but the entire manual would be nice, too.

Bought both a TTR 225 and an XT250, and am scratching my head trying to figure out why Yama produced such similar bikes.


model year?

If it is not online, go to a dealer.

I thought it was pretty clear I was hoping for a link to a free manual. Don't want to pay $40 for a 13 year old dirt bike that's not even being made any longer. It's a 2004.

Figured out the XT is the dual sport. Which was confusing at first since my TTR 225 is also set up as a dual sport.

BTW, I did have to back out the entire airbox. which was a pain, but makes sense.

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