Help please-KYB 41mm forks question

I've got some KYB 41mm XR250 forks to put on my 2001 XR200, but can't get them apart to change fork seals. I've got the damper rods out and have mangled the fork seals, but can't get the sliders apart form the legs so i can finish the job. Is there a nut or snap ring or something i am missing? There seems to be a metal on metal sound when I extend them, but they won't seperate. Thanks.

gee.....if you got the damper rods out they are usually the reason they dont fall apart......i dont really know what year they are......damper rods keep my forks together......once they are out the forks pull apart.......but mine are conventional yours have cartridges? go to racetech website and look up the bike they came off of and they usually have instructions on how to take apart your forks......good luck !!!!!!!!!!!

weird how this question arised to me.....some sort of AI ?

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Thanks...they are conventional. I thought they would come apart after the damper rods were out too. I've been slamming the fork legs like a slide hammer and they still won't separate. Maybe I'm not pulling apart forcefully enough? Don't want to screw something up...

Two versions of those forks, only the 96+ are cartridge.

Snap ring under the dust seal?

I haven't located a snap ring, but maybe I need to look a little closer. Will report back with my findings.

Chuck was correct-snap ring under the dust seal. Took me a while to realize the metal 'ring' around the top part of the fork leg was actually part of the dust seal and had to be pried off. After that, the circlip showed itself and once that was off , the two pieces came apart easily. As usual, I felt like an idiot after I figured out the procedure and saw how easy it was!

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