where is lower clutch cable adjustment?

I can't find anything by where it enters the clutch. Is there an online manual anywhere these days?  Had it but somehow lost it.  Can't get my Rekluse adjusted loose enough at the bar. 

Behind the cylinder/head and starter on the left side of the bike.

The arm right above your front sprocket (green arrow).



There's supposed to be a 2nd cable adjuster somewhere.  I see some talking about movign that arm, but plenty of others saying no don't touch that. 

On the cable, there is a black bulge near the perch. Slide the cover back, there is the adjuster. Proper setup is to have the perch adjuster out a few turns (four) then set the mid cable adjuster to give you the nickles freeplay. Then mid ride, you can adjust the cable to account for clutch swell from the heat.

In the picture, the cover is slid back


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