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New carb/cable - idle revs up on its own after a few secs

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Just put a new Mikuni VM26 carb kit from tbolt on my klx.  It includes a new cable, disc filter and flange.  I didnt have instructions so I assembled it on the fly (paranoid I put the carb backwards as the choke is on the right side).

Rejetted to compensate for the exhaust, intake, and 143 kit.  Installed new cable (did not add additional grease to it).

Bike took a few kicks to start, idled ok for a few seconds with the choke on - then the idle took off and raised significantly for a few seconds until I hit the kill switch.  It feels like the throttle cable, slide, etc is moving freely.  I ran out of day light so to be continued... (I’m also super careful about revving the bikes as Im in Baltimore and at first whiff of a bike it’ll be stolen).

Can anyone offer some advice?  I’m new to working on bikes but its quickly becoming my favorite thing to do!






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