AVDRA Vintage MX in Tucson on Sun Nov 12th


Sign up for Finals in the Desert is open, all club members that are going to come race need to sign up ONLINE for this race. Or if you don't do computers you can call Pam at (602) 350-1014 and she will enter you in the classes (you tell her you) need and you pay at the track! Online registration closes Sunday at midnight. you don't and you come you will have to pay POST entry fees.


Gates will close both Friday and Saturday Night at 5:00 PM but there is an access gate that will be dummy locked for access after hours arrivals. Please be sure to get your gate fee paid and armband the next morning. You will need it to race!!! Camping is free.


Open on November 11 (Veterans Day) for MX Practice from 9 AM to 3 PM and $25 per rider.

Anyone can ride the track on Saturday. There are no difficult jumps. You don't have to be a club member to race on Sunday.

Even if you are not racing, coming out and seeing all the old '70s and '80s MX bikes on Sunday is pretty cool.



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