Intake Boot Bolts

Hi all,

The bottom intake boot bolt on my cylinder head is stripped.  It is a different size than the two top bolts (8mm head, the top two are 10mm).  When I go to Partzilla, there's only one bolt listed instead of the two different ones on my bike.  Anyone know if these are the same size bolt, just different head sizes?


All three the same.

Thanks, Baja.  Wonder why the bottom one had a different sized head?  I've noticed this on other XR400s, too.  


Sounds like someone replaced them at some point with non stock bolts.

Honda  makes those 6mm bolts with two different hex head sizes. The 8mm head size is a common side cover bolt on XRs.

Edited by Chuck.

Thanks, Chuck.  Glad to know they're all the same.  I'll dig my 8mm one out tonight and verify the threads and size are the same just to be 1000% sure, but it sounds like I'm fine ordering 3 10mm versions.  May be a little tight on bottom with 10mm could be why it was done that way.


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