Bike transport help.

So my 98 Cummins which hauls our bikes is out of the question for our trip out to Borrego Springs this weekend and my 07 Cummins is pulling our fifth wheel and it’s not a toy hauler. Has anyone ever tried to put their bikes in a standard trailer without getting damaged. I tried this weekend and was able to get my yz250f in but no way to tie it down. I need to transport 5 bikes from a 250f to a pw50. I would hate to cancel a trip this 3 day weekend but any tips would help.

I HAVE done this, but not a 5th wheel so the layout was a little different. I took the dining table out and got the bikes tight and secured them with coolers and canopies and other misc things that kept them from moving. They transported perfect all be it a pain in the ass to get in and out. The key is not slamming the brakes or driving like a mad man lol. Also i laid down carpet pieces to protect the floor.

 Maybe rent a Uhaul box van?

 Maybe rent a Uhaul box van?

That will be too expensive plus those trucks get terrible gas mileage. When ever I rent one for in town use it ends up being $100

Got all 4 bikes in and packed in well. Off we go.

Good to hear that you didn't have to cancel your weekend trip. Last year, my friends came to my place for a month long trip with their bikes. Now, what they did was, they flew down to my place and shipped their bikes. The bikes arrived one day after their arrival and were in good condition. It is through them, I came to know more information about this shipping company.

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