Tyre for TUbliss system?


recently I had to replace my front and rear tyre. I bought a Continental TKC 80 Twinduro 3.00-21 TT for the front and a Michelin T63 120/80-18 TT for the rear.

Prior to this I had allready decided to go with the TUbliss system so I ordered one for both wheels. But to my astonishment I had great difficulties to mount the tires over the TUbliss. It was really difficult with the rear tyre but absolutely impossible with the front tire. In the end I took the wheel to a dealer and we tried to mount with a machine. But even with the force of the machine it didn't work. It was short before tearing the tire so we had to give up.

I like to know if anybody has a recommendation for tyres that fit over a TUbilss system on the CRF. Any ideas are welcome!



I'm going Tubliss as well and have the same question. You likely won't find the answer in this forum though as I don't recall anyone here posting that they have gone Tubliss on the L.

I'll be getting my Tubliss setup in a couple few weeks and I already have a few different tires on hand, I'll post up what worked for me when the time comes.

In the meantime you might be better off asking this question in the general dirtbike section of the forums.

I removed mine from the rear tire and struggled and swore a ton doing so. To make it worse there was some green slimeish liquid in there also which made gripping it to pull it out a bitch. The previous owner installed it for a long trail ride that never happened and felt like I didn’t need it. 

I have tubliss in all my bikes and love it. Some tires are harder to (dis)mount than others. Once you get used to it, it's easy.

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