O-ring vs X-ring chain

I am considèrent either a DID  X-ring or an O ring replacement drive chain and the o ring is much cheaper 


A-will the O-ring  fit a sxf 450 2017 without rubbing on the cases ?

B-other than additional friction with the ô-ring, what am i missing?





X ring has 2 wipers where O has 1 contact patch. 1 wiper to keep grease in, the other to keep crud out. X supposed to be longer life. Fast way .050" spacer behind drive sprocket for clearance. I think some use some type of automotive valve spring shim for same result.

If you get the did narrow X ring they fit fine

I can tell you that the DID VT2 that comes on the ktm XC line is the most stout chain I've ever used and at $83 bucks it's a no brainer. I order those chains from the ktm oem section for all of my bike no matter the brand. I just installed one on my YZ450F


And yes it will clear the cases on 450sxf


Ok Tks all for the reply ,will go  xring vt2

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