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1993 CR250 Rear Wheel Options...?

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So I've got a 93 CR250 which I'm going to be doing somewhat of a 96' McGrath type rebuild....

I've used the bike mostly for woods riding and that's how I'd like to keep it as even after it's done, I'll still ride it on occasion. But it has an 18" rear wheel, and the rims on this thing are ok at best. I was thinking about getting some Excel wheels for it but didn't know if I could find the whole wheel set up, or if I have to use my original hub and just buy the Rim and spokes (?)

I actually have a front end off of a 99 CR250 that I'm going to be putting on there (with a 95 front wheel assembly) so I'm assuming I could find a complete wheels for that one (?)





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The front wheel will be easy as that triple set up will take anything 95 and newer.


I'd relace the rear hub with something that matches the front. DID LTX are very tough.


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