height and bar clamp position.

trying to get the bike set up for my first track day. Curious what position in the top clamp you run the bars in. i'm about 5 foot 10 with short legs. Going to give the oem bars a shot even tho im used to the rental 997 bars(stock Honda and kawi bars). Going to set sag tonight and try to get the bars dialed. I rode the bike last week with the bars in the number 2 position. Bar mounts in the rear slot, with the clamps mounted forward. Cockpit felt a bit cramped. Seems most test riders say that the rear position is best for handling reasons. Not sure where I should set it, or if it will really affect the handling if I move them to the forward hole.

I am 6'4" and need space so I run mine in the full forward position and it suits me fine.

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