New Graphix / Plastic for 08 CRF450R

So I kind of like what the PO did with my 08 (See pic) ... and I've always liked the "Black" special edition 08's ... This winter I'm planing on getting all new plastic and graphics and was thinking about going with something like this...??? :excuseme:





I like the white better* for whatever that's worth.  Use your money on suspension dude or go all in with the LE look.  Any black plastic will do then see if FX makes OEM shroud graphics for the 08 CRF450R LE.  If not buy a set from Honda.  I gotta say though that your bike looks badass as is.

* for me, the stock color is always best but that's me.  Do what makes you happy.


Bottom looks good but personally I wouldn't replace your current graphics until they wear out.  What's the point of the seat bump so far back?

I do like the look of the bike "As is" currently all though it's a bit worn and scuffed up on both the plastic and the graphics (I think I need a black front fender on there as well...?)

I've never had a "New" bike, and this will probably be as close to one as I'll get, so I want to make it as nice as I can. I plan on taking it all apart this winter and having the suspension gone though and clean everything up,.. then re-assemble ... At that time I'll put on all new plastic and graphics :D Keep in mind I typically only get to ride a few times a year these days, so it should stay nice for the most part.... barring any crashes and what not haha! But I'm very meticulous when it comes to keeping my Bike(s) all cleaned up and looking good.

Seat Bump - The previous owner did all the plastic and seat,.. it's just the way I got it - He was a big guy (290 lbs. ) so maybe that's why? .... BUT, I found when riding in the woods that I would be back on that thing a lot, I was actually thinking of moving it back a little bit...?


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I actually intend to transform my 06 to an "albino" when the funds allow. Dunno if they'll fit but I'd be interested in your white plastics.
I have heard black plastics are much like black paint, it will show scratches. But I've never owned black plastics. I'd also be concerned about stress lines from drops....are they white like on my red (dark orange) ones?
I like your graphic choice on the white vs black.

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