DRZ forum from Aug 29 2000

Used the internet time machine to see what TT was like back in 2000. When the DRZ was a new bike and there were 3 bikes you could talk about  here, the WR400, DRZ, and YZ400/426.

Anyone here browsing back then? Check it out yourselves: https://web.archive.org/web/20000815200539/https://thumpertalk.com/



17 years later and it's still the same topics haha!



Interesting, i remember some magazine's proclaiming it the bike of the year.
Just don't know why they took out 1 gear from the box. The 99 DR350 i'm rebuilding has a 6 speed.

Totally agree with the missing gear. If there was one thing I could change it would be that.

wow nice find Hans....I joined in 2004 when i got my Z and IIRC there was the DRZ forum and some light traffic in other areas at that time.


I recall several members from that time that i still see post here like Noble, bumtarder, Bronco78 (Erik Marquez), and im sure many others. 



Oddly enough, mine happens to be a '00

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