87 xr250 swing arm

So I got a 1987 XR250R swing arm to maybe lighten up my rear end, so to speak and it doesn't fit!  I was hoping to put it into my 1987 XR200R thinking, from what I have read it would fit.  I have 14 days from today to return it.  Should I have bought the linkage too?  Issue is the main link that connects to the frame rubs on the crank case bolt in the back of the engine.


Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of what I did to mine, but it wasn't too difficult of a job. If you have a file or small angle grinder (go slow), it just takes a little time for a file-to-fit clearance. Below is what I had down in my notes. I used a 84-85 XR250 linkage, but the stock XR200 linkage should work as well, although I'm not sure if some of the casting dimensions are different that would need additional clearance mods to fit.

'86-'89 XR250 Swingarm:
File clearance at front of swingarm for rear engine bolt. File clearance at front right of swingarm for decompression linkage (file linkage top & bottom). Use '86-89 XR250 Swingarm/linkage bolt (M12x102). I think you need an extra spacer for the shock to linkage mount as well.

I guess that makes sense. Never thought if it. It was $25 on ebay and 3.0 lbs lighter. I'll use my round file. Thanks. 

So, I just spent an hour or so slowly and carefully filling down a grove for the engine bolt and it seems to have worked.  I have a couple questions.

1.  Making a groove for the engine bolt is just so it doesn't hit it at full extension of the shock, correct?  I noticed on the stand that the rear wheel is essentially at full extension, since its so far off the ground.  During compression the gap just naturally gets bigger as that part of the linkage rotates up?

2. The chain guide at the sprocket is off alignment. I could make it work with drilling some new holes in it and using a bunch of washers to move it in towards the tire, or did you just get a 86-89 xr250 chain guide?

3. Lastly, the xr200r swing arm is .5 inches shorter than the xr250, even with the wheel pulled all the way up.  I think the xr200 has a 108 chain.  Did you just get a 250 chain?


With the 86-89 XR250R SA I also did some grinding on the head of the bolt and the decompression linkage.
I used the 86-89 XR250R axles because it is longer than the XR200 axle to fit the thicker aluminum XR250R SA.
The chain sliders change somewhere about that time and early or late won't interchange, you'll see the differences with the 2 SA side by side.
The rear hubs are the same for both bikes so the chain guide should align to the rear sprocket, they do become bent from a fall. But then they rub on one side of the sprocket, most common is the outside. The guide does limit the size of the rear sprocket. Are the axle spacers on their correct side?
Also use the XR250R linkage bolt with enough shims/washers between the head and linkage so the bolt head fits at least half way into the SA. (The 86-89 XR250R linkage/shock is a bit to the left of bike center line, the XR200R is on the center line.)

I ended up ordering a new chain guide, as you noted it wont fit, but the chain still seems to short. I looked online and they take the same size chain. Everything else seems to be ok. 

When I swapped swingarms I had to order a 110 link chain, IIRC, but I did go up one tooth on the rear sprocket. Better to order too long of a chain and shorten it than buy too short of a chain like I did the first time around...

Thats what i figure. Thanks. 


I also installed a 86 XR250R swing arm(same thing) on my 87 XR200R, no mods, direct bolt in.

As I remember needed the XR250R axle spacers, rear axle, and the 86-89 XR250R brake rod.

I believe I had the bike on it's side to get to fit, as it was tight and used leverage to wedge it in. 

Also you will need the XR250R shock bolt and have to shim the shock with washers, or spacers.

You can use the XR250R dog bones, but will have to grind material from the bottom of the 

shock itself for it to fit, I think the stock 87XR200R's are fine, XR250R's are better due to the

XR250R's has roller bearings, the XR200R's are chrome plated sleeves. 

McDirtclod did a write up which helped me tremendously and I have referenced it several times,

I believe he got his data from Chuck, but took the time for the write up. 




Thanks for everyone's feedback and help.  I think I have it all figured out.  Ordered a new 520-110 chain to make up for the slightly longer SA, new chain slide adjuster for the SA and have the rest bolted up with spacers on the linkage as noted in other posts, like McDirtclod's.  Issue is finding one of those bolts for the wider linkage mounts on the SA.  Don't know which one that's called.  I have my XR200 in there as a place holder and was wondering if I could just get one from the hardware store.

Its a "BOLT, SOCKET" 12x102, a socket head cap screw #90128-MN1-670 used on 88-95 XR250R and 86-2008 XR600/650/R/L.

A hardware item might work if the head OD will fit the casting on the SA and it doesn't have knurling that is common on socket head cap screws. The OEM item has a smooth head and is sized to it the SA.

So I got, what was marketed as a 1982 xr200r rear wheel, but the drum is bigger than my current 1987 xr200r drum by about an inch.  Did I actually get an xr 200 or 250 wheel?

The 82 XR200R rear wheel has a cush drive for the sprocket with 5 cush bolts. the 79-84 XR185/200 twin shock has  4 cush bolts.

The 84-02 XR200R rear wheel uses a different hub and has 17" with a solid mount for the sprocket. The 84-89 XR250R uses the same hub, 86-89 has an 18" rim.

All of the above use the same brake shoes.

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