Happy new owner of a 2017 Honda XR650L

Hello everyone, I'm Ricardo from Costa Rica, I'm the happy owner of a brand new XR650L :ride:  I just reached 1000 kilometers on it and had it's first oil change at the dealer's shop, they advised next oil change to 6000 kilometers, which seems to be way to stretched for my past experience with a 250cc Chonda "adventure bike", it required an oil change every 2000 kilometers, how often do you guys change oil?. The dealer put Motul full synthetic oil in it.

Another question, I'm aware of Dave's carb mod to "uncork" the bike's potential, the thing is that if I mess with the engine it will void the dealer's warranty of 6000 kilometers, is running the bike stock, which seems terrible lean, dangerous for the engine?, it gets very hot quick, I would rather lose the dealer's warranty than hurting the bike running dangerously lean, what is your advice?.

Cheers. :thumbsup:


Get a Clymer manual for your bike. Read it.

You should be changing your xrl's oil around 3000 km, maybe a little sooner if you do a lot of hard offroading. I wouldn't run the stock xrl jetting in a hot climate unless all you are doing is moderate speed, traffic free riding. You don't need to do the full Dave's mod to correct the jetting, just swap in a bigger main jet and put the old one back in if you want to take it to the shop for repairs. (Not that I would recommend taking it to the dealer anyway. If you're riding dualsport you ought to practice you mechanical skills in case you break down on the trail, and in general you'll be able to count on work you do yourself more than you should count on your average motorcycle dealer.)

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You won't void your warranty unless you change the cam or increase the compression , anything else is OK. Dealers are idiots.   

Check the oil VERY often, like every 1000 to 1200km. Especially if you do a fair amount of road miles.


I didn't. Cost me plenty!

I always did 1500mi-2000mi oil changes on my XRL. They drink little oil sometimes and I rode mine pretty hard haha. 

Thanks for the answers guys, I don't do much offroad, I'm mostly on city traffic and climbing mountain roads with my wife on the back, I used to ride a Chonda 250cc dual sport, I killed the piece of junk after just a year of commuting and pushing it to overtake slow traffic going up the mountains (I live up a mountain with lots of hills and twistys), so I thought it would be a good idea getting a reliable and bigger displacement bike to commute, I also like to do some light offroad here and there, but I'm still wearing diapers when it comes to offroad, my needs are mostly torque and reliability, I hope I made the right decision on getting a red pig :devil:

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