Red Engine Paint xl600R

Hello Everyone,  

Searches turn up that Dupli Color DE1653 is good for red engine paint.   Is there anyone who has used this and can comment on its durability?



yes duplicolor is good paint

From experience in Thailand, I had a CRF250L, I used Nippon paint 112 on the side cases and the cylinder/head when I did various mods. then same paint but clearcoated all. I found over 3 years to be very tough and even noticed on my temp(for whatever reason) was 1-2 degrees lower. But it is a basic paint, about same color as the Honda MSX if you look. Have pics of my L to check! But when I had my new plastics liquid printed, it was a Y6 color(little bit of an orange tint, Yamaha color), which I like a lot better. 112 was a more blood red/y6 had a orangeish look. Pm me if interested. I paint everything, screw $50 for a colored nut!

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