Aftermarket items for 02 KTM 520 EXC

Anyone know if the current aftermarket kickstands and rear brake lever/pedals will fit these older models?  I was given a kickstand with my bike but it seems too short.   I would not mind upgrading the rear brake lever if it too is comparable.  It seems as if most aftermarket lists.


I am looking at something like this



Go thru and set your sag and such before swapping out the kickstand. We just bought a bike that the guy had wound the spring as tight as it would go. It had zero sag on the kickstand.

I would not get that kickstand as it appears to use the stock mount.  This has proven to be a weak point on these bikes.

I have an '05 EXC that came with a stock stand that never worked right.  At first it was worn and then the frame mounting tab broke off.  Fortunately, I have access to certified welders at my work.  Now I have a Pro Moto Billet stand and it's excellent.  They aren't cheap but they're good.  Another popular aftermarket stand that's a bit cheaper than the PMB is the Trail Tech.  My buddy has one and is happy with it although it's not quite as strong as the PMB.  The Trail Tech unit also has a smaller foot which isn't as good in soft ground.

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