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2007 WR250F Fork Valve Spring gone soft, or just need heavier springs?

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I've been tinkering with my 2007 WR250F trying to learn suspension. New England woods/roots/rocks etc. For a while, it felt like I was 'almost there', but kept going in circles trying to make minor adjustments to correct something. I get that there's a trade-off and can't ever be perfect. I'm not after something that's great in both sand and hardpack, or great on jumps. One ride it suddenly felt 'dead'. Vague, maybe like it was blowing through travel with no feedback, yet harsh thud/bangs off stuff I usually wouldn't mind hitting. Feels like it wants to deflect off everything. Some leaking fork seals on a long ride had dropped the oil level to 140mm. I tried raising it to 120, and it was too harsh. Lowered to 130 (stock), and now I'm trying 125mm. Still begs to deflect. Still feels vague/dead/inactive. It's almost as if there's no mid-stroke.

I've been running my fork rebound nearly all the way out throughout a lot of this experimenting. Anywhere between 1-5 clicks in from full-out. Fork compression is usually around stock, or a few clicks softer. Tried a few clicks harder than stock, but that seems to really amplify slow speed harshness without much change in the harder hits. I'm 190lb without gear. At least 210 geared. Think I'm on the upper end of the stock 4.4 springs. Becoming increasingly convinced that I need a heavier one. However, I've seen some claims around the web that the spring in the compression valve goes soft over time and produces the symptoms I'm having. Most times I've seen it mentioned were from a long time ago. Was that just tribal knowledge bullshit, that is no longer accepted as fact? Or am I going to change the springs and still be going in circles?

If this is better suited for the Suspension section, please move it there.

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From somewhat recent posts in the Suspension forum, (within the last year)

I too remember reading about defective and/or problematic design of the base valve assemblies on WR's of that era.

Comments were from suspension tuners as well.

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