Rear fender question

I am looking for a white rear fender for my 2003 KX250.  So far I have only found 1 that is in Italy.  It would take $90 including shipping to get it here.  Does anyone know if the bolt pattern from my bike matches a 2006-09 KXF 250?  I find them everywhere for the four stroke.  


Thanks for any help you can provide.

The Royal Distributing (Canadian parts vendor) catalog shows individual plastics available in various colors

with the mention :  some colors only available for certain models 


Unlike the UFO and Acerbis kits & body components listed in the catalog,

no manufacturer is mentioned for these particular items so perhaps from a lesser known manufacturer.


Call / e-mail them and ask if item # M17-808-01 is available. Page 281 of the 2017 catalog. 

Rear fender #M17-808-XX is listed for the '03-'09 KX125 & 250, the suffix -01 specifies the color white.


Royal Distributing:  

1-800-265-2970  MON-FRI 8am-6pm Eastern Standard Time


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R Tech may still make them in a whole white kit. I never saw just a rear fender by itself.

Thanks so much!!

Well.  I contacted royal distributing and a couple places in Europe.  Shipping alone is 50.  Then there is the price of the fender.  Dang!!

Look on eBay. There is a seller, grnsales or something like that. I got a white complete set from them a couple of years ago.

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