Sag Measurements with Fox Shock

I checked my sag on my CRF230F with a Fox a Podium shock yesterday and wanted to verify that I had good numbers. Static sag is 23mm and race sag is 80mm. Assuming 9” of travel, I am in the 35% range. Is 9” of travel on the Fox Podium a good number?

I'm not familiar with either the shock or the bike but, in a custom build just to confirm fitment


you can remove the spring, mount the shock body only in the chassis and compress the rear suspension,

verify that the shock bottoms out on it's bumper before the tire touches the fender.


Pretty good numbers as you are looking for ~10% Free/Static Sag and 30%-35% Race Sag.

Sag is close.  MX rear sag values are 8-11% for static and 28-31% for rider, but I prefer to use Dwight Ruder's off road rear sag values: 11% static and 33-34% rider.

Edited by Chuck.

Thanks Chuck, I feel it is ina good place, but not sure of the actual travel with the Fox Podium so I was using the stock numbers as a baseline.

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