Rear shock busted?

Hi All, I'm a new rider and I've recently got a suzuki Condor 3. I think it's from the late 80s/early 90s.

Today is my 3rd day riding it and I've noticed some black oil or liquid around my rear shock. I have ridden through water and rode it a bit more roughly today so I don't know if the liquid is just water mixing with general muck from the back of the bike. Riding the bike, it felt fine and I didn't notice any difference in it, hoping it's just dirt.

Thinking maybe cleaning it and waiting to see if there's more oil after riding it again might be useful? To see if there's actually a problem or not.

What do you think it could be? I just want to put my mind at rest haha. What should it feel like if the rear shock had gone bad?

When I touch it (like you can see) it's like a black dusty liquid. What do you think?


Update: had to go look at it again to see if I could figure out the problem. The exhaust is one of those old ones that look like cans with the bent things on the end. I'm thinking maybe some of the crap that comes out the exhaust got on the tire and was flicked at the shock. I don't know, what do you think? On the floor, directly under the exhaust pipe there were a couple of black drips so I'm half hoping/half thinking it is that and there's nothing to worry about

Sure looks like a blown shock to me. 

No question.

Thanks for answers. It still functions. It doesn't bounce awkwardly or anything like that so I don't think it's completely gone. Maybe it just needs new seals?

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It could be from the exhaust

It could be from the exhaust


I hope. I just don't know if the liquid is coming all from the top of the suspension. There's a cover over it to avoid.. I don't know, to avoid things. So it could be coming from the suspension. I'll check it again today and see what it's like


Adding to this, I bounced around on the bike yesterday and there were no new drips from anywhere. If there is a leak, should it drip when the suspension is bounced on or how ever you say it?

Hard to say

It's definitely done for. Looking for a replacement now. It wasn't as bad yesterday but went to see it this morning and it had leaked even more. Shame but I'll probably get something better. Thanks for all the help fellas

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