Handlebars & Mounts Explained...???

Well this is pretty stupid sounding I guess, but could someone explain to me how some of these handlebar and mount set ups work? By that I mean, my 08 has standard 7/8" bars and mounts (I'm guessing..) So to switch to a Pro Taper 1-1/8" set up, that would require different mounts that bolt through the upper triple clamp correct? - Then if switching to an 1-1/8" set up, do all of the controls / Perches work from the 7/8" set up... or do you need all new stuff there as well... 

Then I guess there's different types of Bar mounts (?) - Rubber? Antivibration? ... 

Sorry, never really messed with anything but the factory 7/8" stuff all these years but now I'm going to be putting an 1-1/8" set up on both my 93 CR250 (Has a 99 triple/fork set up) and my 08...



grip and controls diameter is 7/8 on my 1-1/8 bars. Just learned all this myself since my son's new bike (85) is like yours with 7/8 clamps. I was originally unsure until I measured my stuff. 

Can't help you with the clamps question. I'm running what came stock on my bike. 

All of the controls are going to stay at the 7/8" measurements. The handlebars taper from the 1 1/8" thickness to the 7/8" thickness for the kill switch, grips, throttle, clutch, and front brake.

And yes you would need the 1 1/8" handlebar mounts and you can reuse the rubber cones that are in the triple clamp.

Yep, Pro Taper and Renthal make them.  Just make sure you get the ones for rubber mounts not solid.  These are 1 1/8" mounts w/Renthal fat bars. As mentioned, the bars taper to 7/8" for the controls, etc.

Bike is the leftover '08 I bought years back and later sold. :facepalm: Stupid is as stupid does. :cry:


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Thanks for the replies guys! That all makes sense, just was a bit unclear about some of the details... need to order some bars now.. :D

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