New MX track Outside Boulder City, NV

Message from our Western Power Sports Rep, @Chris Cooksey


Check out a sneak preview of the new Motocross track in White Hills, AZ.  This track is only 20 minutes outside of Boulder City, NV.  The track is located on 80 acres of land and will have 4 tracks (Main, Vet, Kids and ATV/UTV/Truck).  The owner is currently looking for track sponsors and volunteers.  E-mail me for his contact information.


Wow...that's great. Looks like it might be in that empty stretch of land on 93 between Kingman and the Hoover dam?

Well it seems like it's going to be more legitimate than BCMX used to be, and is still a shorter drive than Mesquite. Can't complain. Thanks for the heads up Bryan!


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Is that actual dirt? You rarely see actual dirt in the desert!

Is the track open now? If so anybody know the name and exactly where it is?

This is supper good news having another track semi close!

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If its off of highway 93, south of Hoover Dam Rec Area and on the way to Kingman, then I didn't see any signs or bikes. I was looking for them.

Looks nice...right way to do it...Main, Vet/Beginner, PeeWee, and put the SxSs on their own track, too.

Main Track

The main track is X miles long with a 2+ minute lap time. Consisting of a wide variety of challenging obstacles, it’s sure to excite even the most advanced riders with a variety of doubles, triples, rhythm sections and more!

Vet/Beginner Track

Our vet/beginner track is designed with safety first for all ages and skill levels. A “land anywhere” design means anyone can ride our multiple table tops, a step-up, S-curves and bowl turn berms. Build your skills and confidence while having fun!

Pee Wee Track

Our kiddos will surely have some excitement and enjoyment while learning to ride on our Pee Wee track. Blah blah blah describe the track.

Riders must be 4 yrs old or older. Parents are responsible for monitoring their children. NO CHILD may ride on the Pee Wee track WITHOUT A PARENT PRESENT AND WATCHING

Side-by-Side (SXS) Track

Are you looking for a fun place to let your SXS rip? Then this is the track for you. The first of its kind in the Las Vegas/Arizona area, We have brought you a dedicated SXS Track!! Blah blah blah – describe the track.

SXS machines are NOT allowed on any other track at any time.

Wow video and track looks great since i haven't been there since helping out

5 hours ago, dan.hero said:

Wow video and track looks great since i haven't been there since helping out

I'll be out there all day Sunday.  Let me know if you want to come out. You got a few free ride days for all the help you donated.

Looks like a great time. I'm in Yuma so maybe it's a little farther away from me than ACP but I'm game to get there and try it out. I like Vet tracks just for some conditioning and seat time.

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