Installing a Hinson clutch basket., pressure plate and EBC plates

I am ready to install a new Hinson clutch basket and pressure plate along with EBC clutch plates and springs. Any input and advice would be appreciated. The bike is a 2002 YZ 426FP. The oil has been Yamalube 4R, and has been changed religiously. Your input will be appreciated.


Bill Barnard

Be sure to use the RED Loctite when you assemble the parts. The previous owner of mine did not do this and the screws backed out and you can only imagine the carnige that happened. I ended up having to totally rebuild due to all the metal contamination.

If you don't already know you need to remove the gear off your old basket..the directions they give are pretty simple

I've drilled out the rievts and I've ground the heads off and punched them out both ways work..when you install the center gear in new basket place the GEAR in the freezer 1/2 hr or so..I put the basket on a cookie sheet and slap it in the oven for five mins. at 300 deg....spray a little wd-40 on the both of 'em and the gear drops right in...a little help from a rubber faced mallet is the most you'll need...the loctite they give you with the basket...make sure you use it or like the man said ..carnage....I'm tellin' ya you will notice the differenc with these in there....I notice you didn't buy an inner hub .....pricey aint can buy alot of stock ones for what they get ya for one...the thing that alot of guys do is drill extra holes in the inner hub to increase oil flow not so many you weaken it but just a few..good luck...

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