15 350sx with Rekluse, Timbersled,blown valve cover gasket..?....

My son has a 2015 ktm 350sx with a rekluse clutch.  I was told to run Rotella oil because of the rekluse.  (I know ktm suggests running their synth oil)  Anyway, I noticed a slight oil leak from the valve cover this summer... very slight amount of dirt/sand sticking to the jug.  Didn't think much about it.  Put the Timbersled snowbike kit on, and the first ride oil is disappearing very fast... his right boot coated in oil film.  Decided to head back to the truck.  Went 2 more miles and now no oil in looking glass.  So towed it back, so as not to risk taking out the motor.  Got home and it was 11 oz. shy of oil.... Started it back up. Starts and runs great in the shop , (haven't rode it yet).  My question is, would running the Rotella 15w 40 somehow play a role in this..?...  If there was 2-3 oz. overfilled of oil, would this cause this...?... The valve breather tube is clear, no oil in it at all....  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!



It's pretty common for these bikes to leak from the valve cover gasket. Same thing happened to my 15 250sxf but not this bad. I had to put some sealant under the gasket on the rim of the cylinder to get a good seal.

My dealer told me that its common for them to leak at those valve cover gaskets when riding the shit out of it. He actually told me that when my 350 starts to leak out of that valve cover gasket that I am finally riding it properly lol

Nothing to do with oil, 350s always leak out of valve cover gasket

My 250 does it

Harleys leak too.

3 hours ago, mog said:

My 250 does it

Why can't KTM make gaskets that seal properly?

Why can't KTM make gaskets that seal properly?

Thats a ten thousand dollar question.

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