2001 XR650L Blinkers

OK here is a weird one. My blinkers work like a charm when it is warm outside, the hotter the better, but when it is cold out side, weather it is winter or just early in the morning, they are VERY slow to activate. Sometimes minutes when it is in the 40's or less. Got a new battery on it and charge is not an issue. Any ideas? I was going to just buy a relay, but I thought I'd check here first.


It's the relay.

The other thing that makes them slow to operate is the grease in the switch turns hard with age,,and even harder when cold causing poor contacts,,removing and disassembling the switch and cleaning the contacts inside,then regreasing with dielectric grease does wonders for this..



Mine are slow to activate as the bike lives outside 24/7 but once flashing they flash correctly no matter the temp.

Thanks folk! I'll go ahead and order a relay, and while I wait I'll clean the switch. It does get stiff the colder it gets.

Definitely clean the switch. That was a big part of my problem. Take it down to every single piece and clean them all the reassemble with a little dielectric grease.

I'm on my fourth relay.  The last one lasted less then six months.  This time I went over to the local NAPA store and showed them what I needed.  I got one with a one year guarantee and put the receipt somewhere I'll be able to find it during the next year if the need arises.

Any automotive relay will work if it has the same pins.  But the cheap ones don't seem to last too well.

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