39mm Keihin FCR or FCR MX?


I need a bit of help  identifying my Carb to order some parts. I have a 2005 DRZ400 E and it has a Keihin 39 mm FCR carb. Problem is that I'm attempting to order a part and the part says it will fit the FCR-MX but not the FCR. Can anybody tell me the difference and whether the DRZ-E has the MX? Thanks much. Lou

Hey Lou

A picture would be nice...general terms, if you have a TPS sensor - it's an MX mate, otherwise it's a sidedraft FCR.

Stock FCR on a E is not a MX variant, it is a slant.

Right.  Both FCR slant and MX can be fitted with TPS.  Only the MX body is cast for the coast enrchener although most are not machined and are only a blank casting. The slant can be fitted with coast enrichener but it is and add on, not part of  the body.  Slant has external AP linkage.  MX it is more internal.  The 2 side by side the slant is unmistakable. Slant body and MX use different pilot jets and various other parts. Plus there are many differences between carbs that came OEM on a motorcycle vs aftermarket replacements.

MX left, slant right


Thanks to all of you for clarifying differences. The photo really helped. I now know that I have the MX so I can order my parts. Really appreciate it! Lou

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