LAB2V 450X

Ok I’m going to build an 06 450X for the LAB2V. What are the things in definetly need to do to be able to make it to the end?? Besides laying off cheeseburgers and getting into shape. Thanks for the help in advance

My thoughts FWIW,
Bash Plate (lots of boulders. Better to not put a hole in the case)
Hand Guards (help prevent broken levers/perches)
Longer range tank (don't know for sure what the distances between fuel are, but it's something to consider)
Radiator Fan (if the weather's warm, slow, technical sections will heat the bike up pretty quickly)
Sharkfin (protects rear brake rotor)
Consider a steering stabilizer if you're really planning to go high speed.
Wider pegs will help with fatigue. Especially if your boot soles are not super stiff.

Keep transmission oil over-filled. Earlier 450X's had a problem with oil starvation in the gears. (google it for more accurate info)

Hope that provides some food for thought. Good luck!

All good advice,

I would add, radiator guards to that list

I’m shooting for next year. But getting started now. Building a bike is never cheap so I have to spread it out. But want to build something that will last and be able to handle this type event. I don’t know why. But I like the long “you’re crazy” kind of events.

All the above advice is solid...however, remember this isn't the B to V of old...this is a dual sport event, not an all out race.

If you are looking for a race closer to the old b to v race check out the Vegas to Reno race. Good luck

Hows the build coming along?

I rode the LA2 Barstow2 vegas 2 years ago on my CRF450x and the biggest thing for me was a steering damper, it is a lot of sand riding which means high speed to stay on top of the sand and a damper really helped with reducing fatigue. You need to carry plenty of water, I ran a 4 gallon fuel tank and would really just recommend a steering damper, larger gas tank, radiator guards and a sump guard (just in case!!). It ran great and I hope to ride it again in 2018/19.


Besides all the above mentioned items, use some quality saddle bags, Giant Loop or Wolfman for all your tube changing tools and tool kit.  Keep these items on the bike and not on your your backpack should just be used for water and snacks.  

Keep your backpack about 1/2 empty for shedding (or adding) clothing layers throughout the day.  Expect hot, cold, windy, rainy, sunny and snowing conditions.

If you plan on doing all the hard way routes you will have to haul the mail through these sections.  I would say about 75 to 80% race speed to complete these sections before dark depending on this years route (there are five different routes) that are used each year, I've done three of them so far.  If you stop 10 times during the day for only 5 minutes at each stop, you've already burned up almost an hour of daylight.  TIME MANAGEMENT IS CRITICAL on this ride!

DO NOT wear anything made from cotton, cotton kills wear smart wool or similar products that wick moisture from your skin.

This is one of the best events that I have attended (racing or none racing event).  I would draw a close relation to the Best In The Desert races I have done for organizational quality that they both poses. Which makes it a don't miss event.

Have fun, good luck and I'll see you at the finish!

Thanks guys! I think all that is left to get is a steering damper and some sort of gps.

Learn how to use the roll chart too.  It's quite fun and adds another element in the ride for navigation.

Besides it's one of the only items that they really do look for at tech inspection.  You can find a lady named Julie in the parking lot of the start selling them and she'll get you hooked up pretty quick should you forget to bring one. 

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