Pro action suspension?

So I've been looking around, need to get a revalve and just remembered pro action. They are at $500 for complete revalve on my 09 yz250. Best price I've got so far. Anyone still using these guys?  Been a while since I've heard their name. I'm getting bike set up for woods racing. Factory connection quoted me $750-$850. Just seeing if anyone else has opinions out there. Thanks.

have used them a few times with a few different bikes.  Always liked the results.  My riding buddies uses them as well.  

Never used pro action but I use f/c as they are a 1/2 hour from me, I know they are very thorough when it comes to replacing worn parts and often come in higher than others. The price f/c quoted you lookes like all parts that are most likely worn out on a bike of that age along with oil and possibly a spring change for your weight? Just a revalve is around $140 each end not including any oil, worn parts or springs, what does $500 from pro action include? There’s little chance a bike that old doesn’t need most everything replaced, not saying don’t use pro action as I know nothing about them, just be sure what you get for your money. F/c will keep revalving them if you’re not happy for the cost of oil used, but then most shops do.

Pro Action changes the piston to their own design. They have much smaller flow ports. I bought a bike with their setup and changed it back to the stock parts. I think decreasing oil flow in forks is the wrong approach. 

you live in Illinois....go to Mx Tech

Talked to jm racing. Thinking I'm going that route

he does good work for mx...

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