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Float depth Suzuki Pe 175 VM34 Mikuni

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Does anybody know the float depth on an 82 pe 175 with a VM34 Mikuni fitted. 

I tripped a post that said 27mm, but not sure if that’s too high, as I assume the measurements taken from the base ( where the gasket sits) to the top of the float. 


Thanks in advance 

cheers 👍

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2 hours ago, S.O.A.N.Z said:

info i found says 22-24mm


<img class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" data-fileid="440783" src="https://thumpertalk.com/uploads/monthly_2017_11/vm.jpg.56b1da02fcd95f42dbcc7e71c0b4e446.jpg" alt="vm.jpg.56b1da02fcd95f42dbcc7e71c0b4e446.jpg" />

Thanks for the info. I thought 27mm sounded too high. At that I height I think it would have been running on fumes. That’s if im measuring it right? 

Im taking the measurement from where the gasket sits to the bottom of the float, whilst the carb is on its side, so there’s no weight on needle valve assembly, which I think’s correct? But couldn’t find much about these things on the web. 


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