Why won't my 2014 yz 250f start well

Hi I have a 2014 yz 250f and it has just started this problem it starts first 3 kicks when cold and when hot it takes alot or a few minunutes for the bike to cool down and fires right up the bike doesn't smoke, the cylinder was ported and polished by Bondi and has a pipe, i am running 91 octane fuel oil and air filter are clean maybe 93 or 94 octane is better because this problem just started happening, any thoughts or opinions?

Valve clearances?

Zurich that is where I'm going to start cause the bike has 32 hours on it and valves havnt been checked ye

Not valves. Vales, if tight, are a problem with a cold engine. Hot engine is because of an excessively rich idle setting.

Call bondi, give him the numbers on the engine he put on it and ask what octane he recommends.

Thanks guys I'm going to get the valves set and get a new fuel map put on the bike

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