2014 KX250F questions

I have a 2014 KX250F purchased used and pulled the motor for our Outlaw kart. My son runs it nearly WOT on 1/8th mile clay oval. Engine turns 13600 most of the time. I did a valve inspection and the intakes were tight along with exhaust. i shimmed exhaust and they worked out. The intakes took several tries and tightened up again. I also replaced stock cams with stage 1 hot cams and FMF Mega-bomb pipe stock muffler. We noticed no change in the performance. Race season is over so the engine is opened up. The head looks to have had a little dremel work done at base of the intake seats and back edge of the exhaust ports. I am not sure if the valves are Ti or SS. It had dual valve springs in it. I have read lots of posts about big bore, high compression piston, fully built head etc. I am looking for some answers as to SS valves using the dual springs I already have. What seats for the SS valves and what guides I should use. We run against JGR 250's. I don't plan to spend multiple thousands of dollars.  Our piston appears to have worn on the sides and the light scratches on the cylinder. Not sure if I can hone it and reuse it.  We run race fuel currently. plugs look dry and light tan. pipe is powder white inside front to back.  I'm looking for some insights from those that have experience with tuning and mods for mostly WOT use. We don't shift the kart is push started runs in 4 gear. 

Things We are contemplating:

We use stock clutch now and pull wheelies out of the turns . any use for a high dollar clutch? 

REM polishing all internal parts?

balancing stock crank and rod?

269 kit or HC piston?

Stage 2 Hot Cams?

porting and polishing the head.

Kawasaki laptop tuning?



cylender 2 (2).jpg

cylender 3 (2).jpg


22R Wheelie.jpg

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made a change. c4MX Head. Vortex ECM

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