Women's Handle bar bends

I bought my girlfriend a 2017 YZ125. She's 5'4 120lb. After cutting down the seat, getting the suspension chopped down an inch, it' finally shaping up where she can ride it. Last thing I'm gonna do is put some new handle bars on for her, the stock Yamaha bars seem to be geared for taller riders. Any suggestions on bar set ups for shorter riders?

Bars come in many rises and angles. A lot of personal preference and not just based on body height. Back length from the crotch to shoulders, arm length, shoulder width.

Try this with the bike supported so it is vertical, no controls on the bars, have her close her eyes extend her arms at a natural spread. Slowly lower to where they touch the bars. You may will find the rise and angle fine but the width too much/too little. An inch on either side can make a huge difference.

Note the bar angle should match her palms, and she should not be 'twisting' to meet the bar.

36 minutes ago, William1 said:

Note the bar angle should match her palms, and she should not be 'twisting' to meet the bar.

One thing about that.  You do have a couple inches of up and down at the bar ends to play with.  A good example of that is what I did just the other day.  My bars were comfortable for my hands and wrists, but I seemed to have to bend over a bit too much when standing.  I raised the bar ends one inch by turning the bars in the clamps and it made a huge difference in comfort while standing while still leaving them in the range where they are comfortable sitting.  So, try dropping the end of the bars slightly before investing in new bars.

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