Nick Fratz-Orr Privateer profile

Nice to read about a local good guy.  and a real deal privateer.


Funny excerpt. 

“I was practicing my starts next to Marvin Musquin and we were both going good. I was staying with him on those. My dad and Marvin’s mechanic, Frankie [Latham] had a pretty funny exchange. Frank asked my dad what my bike had done to it, and it’s stock, except a pipe, so my dad said we didn’t have anything done to it. Then Frankie said ‘Yeah, we don’t do anything to our bikes either.’ My dad was cracking up!”


Good read

Ya he's around this way quite a bit. I know he is buddies with Chad. I never met him but we have a lot of mutual friends (Chad being one lol). 1 of my other buddies bought 1 of Nick's old Hondas a couple years ago too. Seems like a cool guy, I always like to cheer for him.

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