FCR Idle Bog - Handy Accelerator Pump Troubleshooting Flowchart

I've been struggling to understand what the accelerator pump does in relation to the idle jet and how to tune the squirt, what the squirt actually looked like, etc.  This has made it much clearer for me.  I haven't seen anything like it on here in all my searches or I missed it.  Anyhow I hope it helps someone else.

The flowchart runs down the steps in an easy to follow way and the video is actually very good.  The guy doesn't jabber on about nonsense and has great shots of the accelerator pump doing it's thing as well as showing what you'll see on it if the adjustment is off and what the leak jet is doing.

Source of flowchart: Instructables user gmessenger

Video found here @ howtomotorcyclerepair.com



You left out the check ball(s), the linkage sprng, the passages, ....

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