Finally I have my little shop together..

No more working in the dirt


Ya I am super stoked. I hated working on my bike on the pavement and now thats winter is coming, maintainance doesnt rest so in the shop she goes.

Awesome! Life just gets better and better!

Life is what you make it. I broke my ankle a while back some will know what I'm talking about. So i got back into dirtbikes since I was out of work. Bought a couple and learned the modern 4 stroke design and flipped a few bikes here and there until I hustled my way to a brand new ktm 450 sxf. And you know I really wanted to get the 300 2t but there is something awesome about the 450. So ya getting back into motorcycles has been good medicine to me and has made my life better. I can think "there is a brand new ktm 450sxf in my shop" and that's pretty cool. Riding it is better.

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Nice Bike!!


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